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wait so this means during Demi's unbroken era when she was giving interviews about sober is sexy and all that, she wasn't actually?!? Maybe for some of it she was, but at least for a bit she wasn't... I mean, EVERY single interview she got up to early 2012 asked about rehab, and she always went on about her recovery and she wasn't telling the truth.

12mintsinmymouth answered:

Yeah, it does mean that. It’s kinda common knowledge though, I’m surprise you didn’t know earlier. 

But you know what? I have nothing but respect for her for that. Quitting one addiction is damn hard, and she had FOUR (bulimia, self-harm, cocaine and alcohol) and bipolar disorder on top of that? That is insane and it’s a miracle that she managed to have the strength and willpower to stop. 

I can’t imagine what the pressure was like for her when she got out of rehab. People kept on comparing her to Lindsay Lohan, and they were just waiting for her to go back in- or, on the other side, propping her up as the poster child for beating your demons in one try. If she’d gone back to rehab, or admitted to relapsing, it would a.) have been really difficult because it’s something completely different to admit to your issues while you’re going through them (and also quite simply she probably didn’t feel like going through the difficult journey of withdrawal, etc. again so she didn’t want to admit to it because she knew she’d be forced to get clean again- if she was hiding it from her family and sober companion, how do you expect her to tell the world about it in interviews?), and b.) ruined the career she worked so hard for because people wouldn’t have looked at how hard it is to beat addictions, they would’ve just shrugged, called her Lohan 2.0 and written her off. ESPECIALLY since Skyscraper was her hit song at the time- people would’ve played it ironically and joked about it while playing it if she was in rehab again.

And not just from the media- from fans too. From the time Unbroken was out, she had so many fans messaging her and telling her that she saved their lives, and that they stay strong for her and she’s the only thing keeping them alive. Can you even imagine the pressure that must’ve put her under? Dealing with 4 addictions, bipolar disorder, a ruined career if people found out she had relapsed, having to lie to everyone around her including the people who cared most about her, and feeling at least partly responsible for thousands of other people’s recoveries?

So yes, I know she wasn’t completely telling the truth in a lot of her interviews. But it makes me feel terrible for her that she was put under that much pressure, and she probably felt like such a hypocrite herself. I feel awful that she had to go through it pretty much alone the second time, because she couldn’t risk anyone finding out or they would force her to get clean. Obviously, eventually she did get sober again, which is brilliant, but before she admitted she’d relapsed, she was alone simply because of her celebrity status, and that’s awful to think about. 








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Demi speaking in spanish on The X Factor (credit)